Tuesday, May 27, 2008

1st May 2008 - The Leaning Tower of Teluk Intan

haa..register dulu dalam guest book
me and lidya in front of the tower
weh!gune timer nie weh!hakhak..
the geds..
it's time to go..

Monday, May 26, 2008

olomok..satu hari lagi?

olomok..satu hari lagi je? tya, u really made me think twice bout leaving this place. benci ko, b.. tapi, i really2 have to! one day aku cite, b, kenape. this is something that i really hate most but at the same time aku kene bwat. sacrifice? sort of laa. two days ago i had a loooooong conversation with siti, my fren back in shah alam. we talked about life, love and all sort of things. we missed each other so much like nobody's bizness. hahahah. she is still the same. sarcastic. optimistic. funny. i miss her! then we came to this topic which made us pening and takot. ehhee. i asked her, "tek, have u ever heard that sometimes when u are too eager to look for something that you want in life, you will miss another thing that is equally important to your life?" that is one of the things that i reeeeaaaally fear of. to lose something, someone that i love over the things that i want in life. i want both. would it be hard? sometimes i think it's unfair. and is it fair for me to say such thing? now, i m trying to put myself together again. i am all over the place tau! melayang2 je 2,3 hari ni. meroyan kah? apakah? however, deep down inside i think i can handle this, at least i'll try to handle things like i suppose to handle them. i keep on reminding myself there must be reasons for all ths. trust me! people! wish me all the best aiite! till then, xoxoxoxo.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

just another note..

first and foremost, i'd like to wish happy teachers day 2 all my frens who are teaching in school, uni or any edu centre. all the best guys. hope its not too late 4 me 2 wish u ekk. and of course to all my teachers back in primary, secondary school and uitm..thank u guys so much and because of u, i am here now.
i know it's been awhile i havent updated my blog. no, im not busy, at all! i have been thinking a lot lately. a lot of things. and a lot of things gotta be settled. trust me, u dont wanna be me rite now. ahaha. and that is one of the reasons why i did not write anything here, because i didnt know whre to start or what to write. i get easily emotional lately laa. dun know why. mebbe i m sad that im leaving. sorry, symzahrn. slalu kene marah. ehhee. im having a great tym here and im too lazy to start all over again nanti. i am not ready for any of ths. haiih. btw, next week is my final week here. i bought cards for my frens in APB-bye2 and tq cards. tapi tak tulis pape lagi. tak tau nak tulis ape. maybe tomorow la i write. hm, i have planned something for my bestfren, Yoe. but i dont knw whter it is on or not. cuz im going back tomorow- i'm goin to my sista's convo ths saturday.. i really2 hope the plan is on. rite now im trying to capture every single thing that i see here. the sky, the color of it, the air that i breathe, the people that i meet..everything.. i dont want to miss a single thing here. .

Tuesday, May 6, 2008


hey.. it's me again. yaiks. who else. huu. well, it's anotha boring day for me again. takde watpe la weh..sume da setel. korang bwat ape kat upis?? tya? ko bwat ape, b, di kale bdk2 dah abeh exam ni?
yesterday i went to ipow (as if there's anywhere else i could go! muhuhu. weh, manjong ader mcD weh!hahaha. secret recipe pon ader.kui3. haa, giant pun ader. up laa sket. lydia, hope u gt me!) with my best-bud, yoe. we went to S.R for lunch.. haku makan byk..mcm nak gile. thn tapau cake lagi! perot apakah ini. well, i think it is because im left alone. once i gt the chance to go out and eat, i will eat like crazy. aku cakap btol, aku jarang mkn semenjak partner in crime aku blah. (tapi tak gak kuros.) weh, u know who u are, jgn skip line nih. haram kau. bosan laa makn sorang. tapi ok je kalo dah menggelupo perot.
another thing i wanna share with u guys here, i think i mite be leaving uitm laa. my parents plus my annoying bf of mine soh carik keje dekat2. they are soooo worried coz i have to travel alone bile nak balik nilai, worried that im staying alone kat sini (aku ader kwn, tapi tak brape nak kawan laa). sume risau, risau, risau. i mean, man! i'm 24 yrs old. aku ske gile kat sini. best laa. takde tensi2. tak caye tanye lyd. there's a lot more i wanta explore and learn. shian si demut saye kalo saye blah. kesepian. hahhahahaha. neways, maybe my parents and husband-to-be (2ggu kad jemputan aku) know best. tapi aku dah ugut diorang! aku ckp, "ok, i pindah, tapi kalo i bosan, menyesal, korang yang bertanggungjawab!" ok tak ayat aku. hahahhaa. dramatic giler. well, aku saje je. takder laa nak soh diorg take responsiblity for all this. haaaihh.. half hearted ni..tulun2.
ok laah, i gtg. ader hal ni. til then, daaa!!!

Friday, May 2, 2008

my first entry

this is my very first entry. it may take me quite some times to "make up" my blog. huhu. thanks lyd. and g4, i ade mission utk semue ini. kahkahkakah!
gtg! nak balik. g ipow. tgk wayang. lalalalalla..