Monday, May 26, 2008

olomok..satu hari lagi?

olomok..satu hari lagi je? tya, u really made me think twice bout leaving this place. benci ko, b.. tapi, i really2 have to! one day aku cite, b, kenape. this is something that i really hate most but at the same time aku kene bwat. sacrifice? sort of laa. two days ago i had a loooooong conversation with siti, my fren back in shah alam. we talked about life, love and all sort of things. we missed each other so much like nobody's bizness. hahahah. she is still the same. sarcastic. optimistic. funny. i miss her! then we came to this topic which made us pening and takot. ehhee. i asked her, "tek, have u ever heard that sometimes when u are too eager to look for something that you want in life, you will miss another thing that is equally important to your life?" that is one of the things that i reeeeaaaally fear of. to lose something, someone that i love over the things that i want in life. i want both. would it be hard? sometimes i think it's unfair. and is it fair for me to say such thing? now, i m trying to put myself together again. i am all over the place tau! melayang2 je 2,3 hari ni. meroyan kah? apakah? however, deep down inside i think i can handle this, at least i'll try to handle things like i suppose to handle them. i keep on reminding myself there must be reasons for all ths. trust me! people! wish me all the best aiite! till then, xoxoxoxo.

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