Wednesday, December 31, 2008

meet my fren, Mr.Azam..

these are my New Year Resolutions:
  1. to be a better wife, daughter, sister, friend, and teacher.
  2. to live in a healthier life style.
  3. give more.
  4. love more.
  5. start saving up money - shop less.
  6. feed my brain and soul more.
  7. enjoy life to the fullest.

it is hard for me to say goodbye to 2008. 2008 has been a wonderful year for me. my career started early 2008, i met few new friends and we got along so well and some have become my bestfrens and i love them with the marrow of my bones. yaya, yoe, usher - to name a few. i got married in august - highlight of the year. i am blessed to have a husband like him. i own JKU2802 in 2008 - love it so much. there are also bitter things that had happened to me in the year of 2008 that made me realized the meaning of life, that taught me how to react to certain things in the future, that showed me who should i trust and not. i am grateful with what i have today but i am looking forward to have more in life.

nevertheless, i welcome 2009 with my arms wide open! i have no idea what the future has for me but i really hope that 2009 will bring me a thousand of happiness, a promising career, and a super cool life! amin.. GOODBYE 2008, WELCOME 2009!

happy 2009 to all!

Monday, December 29, 2008

cuti-cuti malaysia: KUALA LUMPUR pt.2

today's agenda:

  • breakfast for two.
  • Aquaria.
  • lunch at KLCC.
  • shopping lagi. seriously.
  • full body massage at Bangsar. TERBAEK!
  • dinner at Alamanda Putrajaya.
  • went home...

to SZ: thank you so much B for everything.. i couldn't be happier.

Happy New Year 1430 Hijrah to all.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

cuti-cuti malaysia: KUALA LUMPUR

just arrived..

ready to go out

ha!ha!ha! bajet tourist!

today hubby bawak cuti2 malaysia tapi kat KL je. ahaha. we planned to go to Cameron, but i was not sure about it because it's been raining je 2,3 days ni. macam bahaye je. so we cancelled the plan. we lepak at Impiana KLCC - the best we could get since all hotel rooms are fully booked during ths festive season. btw,the room was nice. i liked it. first agenda, we walked to pavillion, 5 menet je. shopping2 sket. balik, had shower. makan - u guys should try impiana burger, terbaek! tgk tv. went out with my sister, makan lagi. balik. tido. heppy!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

day 2: from gombak to pertak, kuala kubu baru

  • we woke up at 6am.
  • made tuna and egg sandwich.
  • we packed our things.
  • wait for the rest to come.
  • gedebakgedebuk, around 9+ bertolak to Pertak.
  • it took us about 1 hr something to reach that place.
  • cantik giler tempat dia.
  • we chose the nicest spot. ada small waterfall. hehe!
  • setting tempat bakar ikan and ayam.
  • owh, thanx to myra for the delicious nasi lemak - all the way from cheras!
  • mandi2.picture2.bakar2.makan2.
  • we had fun! i just can't describe my feelings. i am happy that we managed to organize this trip after so long. yep, we've been waiting for this since forever. yela, masing2 sibuk keje. it is not easy to gather each and everyone these days. so i m grateful that we made it.
  • went back to gombak at abt 3+.
  • lepak2, borak2 jap. after mandi, i drove back to nilai.
  • flat gile, balik teros tido sampai tak sempat nak borak dgn hubby.

Friday, December 26, 2008

day 1: from nilai to gombak

  • reached gombak at about 5pm.
  • picked yunny up at her office.
  • went to man sayor (kedai makan). lepak jap.
  • went to karim mini market to buy chicken, fish and ice.
  • went straight to yunny's.
  • had shower.
  • borak2.lagi.
  • marinate the chicken and fish.
  • aishah and emy sampai.
  • sediakan the ingrediants for tuna and egg sandwich.
  • settled everything at almost 1 am.
  • we couldn't sleep. there was so much stuff to talk about. plus we were so excited bout tomorrow.
  • at last, we fell asleep at almost at 4 in the morning...

Thursday, December 25, 2008


we are going out today. thinking of buying some books. or shoes. *wink*
btw, i went to the clinic the other day. i got a total headache, remember? the doctor said my blood pressure was very very low. yikes. calm down, aunties and uncles, i am not pregnant yet, okkkeyy.. so he suggested that i eat more hati ayam, bayam merah, kejadah.. those please-take-those-things-away-from-me food. and he prescribed me multi-vits. "to gain your appetite," he said. err, excuse me doctor, i don't think i need that. as far as i know, my appetite is forever tajam! makan tak ingat. those pills are just gonna make me putting more weight kot? haiiih. but of course i said, "ok, doctor. sure. "
neways, i feel better now. i'll make sure that i am fine and fit for this up coming picnic with my high school frens. *wink*wink* this saturday to be exact. can't wait!
merry Xmas to all.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

make this headache go

hari ini sangat panas. i'm having a massive headache. my parents, adam , papa and his kids are going to the beach. i told them i'd like to stay at home je. pening sangat2. demmit. pening....

one cold night

There was one night aku dgn SZ stuck dalam traffic kat KL. It was raining and i was freaking cold. Silence reigned at that particular time, which i thought it was SOOOO not us at all. If you know what i mean! Because of that stupid traffic jam and the A.C, i was fidgeting a bit. He looked at me and..

SZ: awak knape, b?

me: bosan la. bile laa nak grak ni. awak tak bosan ke b?

SZ: tak pun?

me: tak? dah laa sejok. cepat laa gerak. nak shi2 pun ade ni..

SZ: saba la. standard la KL bile ujan2 camni. awak tau tak, kalau skg ni awk rase bosan, saye penah rase lagi bosan drpd ni. ni takde ape pun ni. saye penah rase duduk seminggu dalam utan, kne tggal kat tgh2 utan tu, sejuk2, sorang2..gelap plak tuh. manede ipod time tu. nyanyi sniri. lagi bosan.

me: itu awak..tak ske arr b jam2 bangang camni.

SZ: awak kene blaja b, control things around you. don't let them control you. saye dah lalu macam2 bende, jadi i believe that manusia ni akan jadi lebih bijak kawal keadaan when he has experienced sesuatu bende. cthnye, dulu saye penah susah gile, takde duit sume. jadi kalo skg ni stakat sesak tak cukup duit tu, saye still lagi tadahal lahh..bleh handle lagi lah. tapi kite kire ok la. tiap2 minggu pun makan slere nak tinggi je, shopping2. orang laen?

me: yelah2..insaf. besyukur.. (trying to change the topic) b, dulu mase saye takde, awak bosan2 tak b?

SZ: bosan..

me: (ear-to-ear smile) yeh?? hikhikhik. nape ek b?

SZ: sbb awak tu ske momokak yorr..

hehehe.. first of all, i was glad that the silence was no longer took place. secondly, i was , even am flattered that i mean a lot to his life, tho he put it in a funny way just to admit it. ha!ha!ha!

but most of all, when i think about it, he got the point there. why should i feel bored or merungut2 over small things like that? aku ni bukan la penyabar orgnye. sometimes i wish that i have a super power to suck all the patience out of SZ and transfer it into myself. haaa!!! yelah, macam sylar tuh! how i wish to have some, wait, some? how about ALL of his (good) qualities? yeah, i want all of his good qualities.

i want to be as imperturbable as he is no matter what the consequences are. how he perceives things - which i would have never thought of. well. there must be a reason why God sent him to me, err, or the other way around. maybe i would be lopsided without him. maybe. if not, why people invented the word, better half?

take note!

pretty busy with things lately. will be back soon!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Two days before..
"b, kite jumpe on wednesday ni dalam 2.30, 3 macamtu tau. kite pegi klcc..ok?"

On the day itself while i was driving to KLCC, i received a message:
"b! jumpe kat pelita KLCC pukul 3.30! i blum lunch lagi..."
"gedik btol! i dah nak sampai KLCC dah!!" (it was +-2.30 pm)
" i baru bangun!"

aku pun tehangak2 kat pelita tu sensorang..mase aku masuk tu everybody was looking at me. bajet hot. dalam tehangak2 tu, aku nampak meja kosong. teros duduk. ane tu datang, aku order teh ais. dalam hati, eeee, mamat ni nak kene! lambat plak dia!! aku pun bwat2 bz, godek2 phone, msg2, tgk2 pics dlm digicam aku yang mencapap tu.. mane ni..

ni la teh ais yang aku order sementara nak menunggu mamat tuh..

Jam menunjukkan pukul 3.40pm. (aku skip part yang aku kne ngorat dgn mamat yang quite good looking. tinggi jgk saham aku. layak ke? hehehehe..neways, naseb baek mamat tu blah awal, kalo tak dah kene cepuk dgn usher. thanx, b. muhuhu.) tunggu punye tunggu, my phone bunyik! i picked up the phone and, "b! u kat maner??"

"ni ha, kat blakang2 ni. kat tepi ujung sebelah sane..wait! i can see u from here!!" sambil aku melambai2 ke arah mamat yang panjang mengunjai bert-shirt putih.. ape lagi! bila dah bejumpe, kecoh laa satu mapley tuh! tapi kiteorang pedulik hape! ''bagi saye limau ais 3 gelas, eh, tak2, limau suam. 3 gelas.." (TIGA GELAS??? b, u dah knape??? ahahahahaha!)

haa! dah lambat berjam2, bwat muke bajet comel!

"b, i nak ayam goreng, drumstick taw. bendi rebus tu letak 2 ketul..em..pastu cam ade yang warne ijau2 tu i nak sket, kuah campor tapi sikit2 je.."

sambil encik usher makan, kitorang gelak2, borak2 gelak2, puake2, laha2, gelak2, we exchanged thoughts and opinions, gelak lagi.. if i were to write it here, it's going to take me the whole nite! seriously! we talked bout life, work, friends, love - which is forever complicated yet always keeps us sane, err, insane too, i would say! we had fun that evening. at times we had to, like, "weh! cover sket weh gelak! ko tu lecturer, ok??" hahaha! bongok!

hehe..sebab tu laa we all stay young and HOT AS FCUK, we laugh a LOT!

that was his forth glass of limau suam. dah gile. anyways, b, thank u taw sbb lepak2 melaha2 dgn i. we had so f****** much fun kan? hope we can do this again next time. macam tak cukup2 mase nak beborak. i asked him to go back early to get some sleep. poor darling!hahaha!

hah! kan dah kene saman sebab parked kete merate2. selamat i parked kat dalam walaupun u kene kua kan kete i before u went back! thank u , b!! bayar saman tuh!

note to usher: i tak laha u over2 kan dalam entry i ni kan?? ehehehe..

i miss all my Bs...


SZ kate: awk ni degil!

ibu kate: bega. memang degil!

SZ kate: dia je nak menang..

ibu kate: umur brape, umur?

me: baru tau ke??...


"Behind every trial and sorrow that He makes us shoulder, God has a reason." (K.H., 2007)

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Mari membace!

Rase tepu sangat. Apentah. I think because of boredom kot? Well I’m reading A Thousand of Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini for the second time. But I still find it amazing, stirring and touching! Wah! Personally, I think he is a brilliant author. I enjoyed his first novel as well, The Kite Runner. The best. Thanks to Fina, the Queen of Paranoia for letting me read that book back then in Shah Alam. *wink*wink*! Bape tawon lepas, ek Na? Buy, borrow or steal these books if u wanna find out what am I talking about. Dah laa, maleh nak type lagi. Harharhar!
Good nite everybody!

Bangang. Eh, bengang..

Feel bad today. I cancelled a meeting with my best friend at the very last minute due to some unacceptable stupid incident. Feel like shit. I was supposed to meet him at 6, after he got back from work. Maybe next time. But I don’t like what I’m feeling rite now. Rase besalah yang amat sangat. Bangang.

Monday, December 15, 2008

report card day

areez and adik: having a great tym at PGH
taken by: didi

woke up quite early this morning. hubby was late 4 work - he thought today was sunday. sweet! shower, washed my hair, got ready, had breakfast.

went to the skool sumwhere in bangi. nothing much to write about. i had to sign the report card, listened to the tcher skolah kan areez sket2, asked the teacher how was areez at skool, with frens and teachers. evreything was OK and we went back.

he failed two subjects. maths and history. felt pity for him. life must be hard without a mother at home. he told me, back then his mother used to help him with his studies. "papa keje," he said. now that he has to look after his 8 years old lil brother after school and they spend half of the day at a nursery. mcmne nak blaja? btw, he is 13, and still under a daycare centre? wtf is that? my uncle would only pick them up at 5 or 6 something. kesian weh. i salute my uncle for being the mother and the father for both of them. he is dead strong. areez and adik are staying with us in nilai during the hols. they seem happy here. i just got them an mp3 player yesterday. so double the happiness. took them jalan2, ok laa.

i hope only the best for them. they are both bright but need guidance, along with more love and support. and kak long is here for you both!

korang dah gile eh?

I was reading one of my Bs's blog. adeke die kate she is living in a dull, monotonous, whatever-crap- life! And the best part, another one of my Bs agreed! korang dah gile eh? agak2 la weh!! u guys have great jobs, good money,BF.. yang penting: KORANG BUJANG!! u can do whatever u like and go wherever u like to go, honey. knapenye boring? korang tak rase lagi duk umah! haaa! tu baru dikatekan dull, monotonous, tader life! tarik balik kate2 puake korang tuh! isk! marah btol aku.
btw, im teaching again next year, starting 2nd of january. kinda lost, don't know what to feel rite now. should i feel excited?nervous?scared?what?
p/s: can't wait to have my own money, again! yey!


almost 3! can't f****** sleep! i have to get up early in the morning. tomorrow- REPORT CARD DAY at my cuzn's (areez) school. his father asked me to go to the school, to collect the report card. he's working. haaaaaihhh...


meet my niece, sofina. seriously, she copies everything i do. keep telling her, DO NOT be like me! heck, she's only 2+.. sigh..

Love my new 'do! But...

i miss my old hair sometimes. ngee.


i am thinking of getting a new notebook. i am using hubby's lenovo now. demmit la. mine is going to the longkang any of these days. bongok!

coffee date!

can't wait! a coffee date with my ex-colleague this wednesday. harap2 jadik!

mari kawen!

dah gile? kalau rase tak cukup bejimba, jgn gatal nak kawen. begini, some of my dearest frens keep on asking me how laa i hidop after da begelar isteri (buweekkk!!), can i cook?, can i wake up so fucking early to prepare breakfast and stuff, how i face my in-laws (nightmare to some of us, i tell u!), how i manage kerja2 rumah and the SEX! (and let's not go there, ok.)
i am considered lucky to have syamzahrin as my husband. makan tak memilih. important!important! because honestly i am not that good at cooking! i only cook things that he likes to eat plus some of my experimental meals yang kadang2 menjadik, kadang2 jadik cam makanan kucing! i watch and learn how my mom cooks lunch and dinner, i learn a lot from her, as well as my mother-in-law. kenape laa aku takde bakat yang melampau cam diorang. harr jay! neways, all in all kire tak kebulur laa kalo idop ngn aku. bleh laa sikit2..heee..
hmm..what else. my in laws.. so far, i dont have problems with them. i am very close to my brother-in-law. the girls are fine. fun to be with. we cook together if i go back to johor. (thank goodness that there are three of them. so, plus me, 4 girls all together. bayangkan kalo sume adik badik dia lelaki..tak mati aku kat dapo tekial2??) ayah and ibu are cool. my father-in-law is a funny guy, always tells jokes. ibu - very soft and lurus! anak2 dia selalu gula2 kan dia, and dia pecaye until we laugh at her ramai2. pssst! i am not 100% myself when i m in johor. seriously, 24 hours long pants and oversized t-shirt. ha!ha!ha! call me hypocrite. as for me, selagi aku kat dlm umah diorg, i live by their rules - wpun takde laa dia soh pakai cenggitu kan..but i know la how org tua pikir. btw, all of my sister-in-law pakai tudung. aku laa yang mencacat kan family portrait time raye aritu.huhu. neways, one tip from me, pandai2 la bawak diri mase kat umah mertua. mmg laa diorg soh bwat cam umah sniri, tapi jgn laa over. how stupid can u get kalo tido menyantak sampai pukul dua tghari? itu menempah maut namenye.
hmm.. as a wife, i do not always listen to my hubby. (neraka la jwbnye! jgn memain!) but, there is always a room for forgiveness. bile aku degil2, emo2, marah2, bentak2, at the end of the day, mintak ampun balik. hormon weh hormon! ha!ha!ha! love him for being soooo understanding (most of the time). kdg laha gak, tapi katenye laki kot!dengar je la.
last but not least, i am grateful that i am accepted for what i am. i am still learning and observing. i am grateful to have another wonderful family in my life. to SZ, thank u so much for everything. love u owes..

Sunday, December 14, 2008


i know, i know.. it's been a while aite. well, i went through a lot of things ths past few months.. and i dont know where to start..the best thing to do, remain silent. hee..brilliant. till this one particular nite, a fren of mine told me, "b..update la blog u b..dh besawang beno i tgk b.."

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

1st May 2008 - The Leaning Tower of Teluk Intan

haa..register dulu dalam guest book
me and lidya in front of the tower
weh!gune timer nie weh!hakhak..
the geds..
it's time to go..

Monday, May 26, 2008

olomok..satu hari lagi?

olomok..satu hari lagi je? tya, u really made me think twice bout leaving this place. benci ko, b.. tapi, i really2 have to! one day aku cite, b, kenape. this is something that i really hate most but at the same time aku kene bwat. sacrifice? sort of laa. two days ago i had a loooooong conversation with siti, my fren back in shah alam. we talked about life, love and all sort of things. we missed each other so much like nobody's bizness. hahahah. she is still the same. sarcastic. optimistic. funny. i miss her! then we came to this topic which made us pening and takot. ehhee. i asked her, "tek, have u ever heard that sometimes when u are too eager to look for something that you want in life, you will miss another thing that is equally important to your life?" that is one of the things that i reeeeaaaally fear of. to lose something, someone that i love over the things that i want in life. i want both. would it be hard? sometimes i think it's unfair. and is it fair for me to say such thing? now, i m trying to put myself together again. i am all over the place tau! melayang2 je 2,3 hari ni. meroyan kah? apakah? however, deep down inside i think i can handle this, at least i'll try to handle things like i suppose to handle them. i keep on reminding myself there must be reasons for all ths. trust me! people! wish me all the best aiite! till then, xoxoxoxo.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

just another note..

first and foremost, i'd like to wish happy teachers day 2 all my frens who are teaching in school, uni or any edu centre. all the best guys. hope its not too late 4 me 2 wish u ekk. and of course to all my teachers back in primary, secondary school and uitm..thank u guys so much and because of u, i am here now.
i know it's been awhile i havent updated my blog. no, im not busy, at all! i have been thinking a lot lately. a lot of things. and a lot of things gotta be settled. trust me, u dont wanna be me rite now. ahaha. and that is one of the reasons why i did not write anything here, because i didnt know whre to start or what to write. i get easily emotional lately laa. dun know why. mebbe i m sad that im leaving. sorry, symzahrn. slalu kene marah. ehhee. im having a great tym here and im too lazy to start all over again nanti. i am not ready for any of ths. haiih. btw, next week is my final week here. i bought cards for my frens in APB-bye2 and tq cards. tapi tak tulis pape lagi. tak tau nak tulis ape. maybe tomorow la i write. hm, i have planned something for my bestfren, Yoe. but i dont knw whter it is on or not. cuz im going back tomorow- i'm goin to my sista's convo ths saturday.. i really2 hope the plan is on. rite now im trying to capture every single thing that i see here. the sky, the color of it, the air that i breathe, the people that i meet..everything.. i dont want to miss a single thing here. .

Tuesday, May 6, 2008


hey.. it's me again. yaiks. who else. huu. well, it's anotha boring day for me again. takde watpe la weh..sume da setel. korang bwat ape kat upis?? tya? ko bwat ape, b, di kale bdk2 dah abeh exam ni?
yesterday i went to ipow (as if there's anywhere else i could go! muhuhu. weh, manjong ader mcD weh!hahaha. secret recipe pon ader.kui3. haa, giant pun ader. up laa sket. lydia, hope u gt me!) with my best-bud, yoe. we went to S.R for lunch.. haku makan byk..mcm nak gile. thn tapau cake lagi! perot apakah ini. well, i think it is because im left alone. once i gt the chance to go out and eat, i will eat like crazy. aku cakap btol, aku jarang mkn semenjak partner in crime aku blah. (tapi tak gak kuros.) weh, u know who u are, jgn skip line nih. haram kau. bosan laa makn sorang. tapi ok je kalo dah menggelupo perot.
another thing i wanna share with u guys here, i think i mite be leaving uitm laa. my parents plus my annoying bf of mine soh carik keje dekat2. they are soooo worried coz i have to travel alone bile nak balik nilai, worried that im staying alone kat sini (aku ader kwn, tapi tak brape nak kawan laa). sume risau, risau, risau. i mean, man! i'm 24 yrs old. aku ske gile kat sini. best laa. takde tensi2. tak caye tanye lyd. there's a lot more i wanta explore and learn. shian si demut saye kalo saye blah. kesepian. hahhahahaha. neways, maybe my parents and husband-to-be (2ggu kad jemputan aku) know best. tapi aku dah ugut diorang! aku ckp, "ok, i pindah, tapi kalo i bosan, menyesal, korang yang bertanggungjawab!" ok tak ayat aku. hahahhaa. dramatic giler. well, aku saje je. takder laa nak soh diorg take responsiblity for all this. haaaihh.. half hearted ni..tulun2.
ok laah, i gtg. ader hal ni. til then, daaa!!!

Friday, May 2, 2008

my first entry

this is my very first entry. it may take me quite some times to "make up" my blog. huhu. thanks lyd. and g4, i ade mission utk semue ini. kahkahkakah!
gtg! nak balik. g ipow. tgk wayang. lalalalalla..