Friday, December 26, 2008

day 1: from nilai to gombak

  • reached gombak at about 5pm.
  • picked yunny up at her office.
  • went to man sayor (kedai makan). lepak jap.
  • went to karim mini market to buy chicken, fish and ice.
  • went straight to yunny's.
  • had shower.
  • borak2.lagi.
  • marinate the chicken and fish.
  • aishah and emy sampai.
  • sediakan the ingrediants for tuna and egg sandwich.
  • settled everything at almost 1 am.
  • we couldn't sleep. there was so much stuff to talk about. plus we were so excited bout tomorrow.
  • at last, we fell asleep at almost at 4 in the morning...

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