Thursday, December 25, 2008


we are going out today. thinking of buying some books. or shoes. *wink*
btw, i went to the clinic the other day. i got a total headache, remember? the doctor said my blood pressure was very very low. yikes. calm down, aunties and uncles, i am not pregnant yet, okkkeyy.. so he suggested that i eat more hati ayam, bayam merah, kejadah.. those please-take-those-things-away-from-me food. and he prescribed me multi-vits. "to gain your appetite," he said. err, excuse me doctor, i don't think i need that. as far as i know, my appetite is forever tajam! makan tak ingat. those pills are just gonna make me putting more weight kot? haiiih. but of course i said, "ok, doctor. sure. "
neways, i feel better now. i'll make sure that i am fine and fit for this up coming picnic with my high school frens. *wink*wink* this saturday to be exact. can't wait!
merry Xmas to all.