Monday, December 15, 2008

korang dah gile eh?

I was reading one of my Bs's blog. adeke die kate she is living in a dull, monotonous, whatever-crap- life! And the best part, another one of my Bs agreed! korang dah gile eh? agak2 la weh!! u guys have great jobs, good money,BF.. yang penting: KORANG BUJANG!! u can do whatever u like and go wherever u like to go, honey. knapenye boring? korang tak rase lagi duk umah! haaa! tu baru dikatekan dull, monotonous, tader life! tarik balik kate2 puake korang tuh! isk! marah btol aku.
btw, im teaching again next year, starting 2nd of january. kinda lost, don't know what to feel rite now. should i feel excited?nervous?scared?what?
p/s: can't wait to have my own money, again! yey!

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