Saturday, December 27, 2008

day 2: from gombak to pertak, kuala kubu baru

  • we woke up at 6am.
  • made tuna and egg sandwich.
  • we packed our things.
  • wait for the rest to come.
  • gedebakgedebuk, around 9+ bertolak to Pertak.
  • it took us about 1 hr something to reach that place.
  • cantik giler tempat dia.
  • we chose the nicest spot. ada small waterfall. hehe!
  • setting tempat bakar ikan and ayam.
  • owh, thanx to myra for the delicious nasi lemak - all the way from cheras!
  • mandi2.picture2.bakar2.makan2.
  • we had fun! i just can't describe my feelings. i am happy that we managed to organize this trip after so long. yep, we've been waiting for this since forever. yela, masing2 sibuk keje. it is not easy to gather each and everyone these days. so i m grateful that we made it.
  • went back to gombak at abt 3+.
  • lepak2, borak2 jap. after mandi, i drove back to nilai.
  • flat gile, balik teros tido sampai tak sempat nak borak dgn hubby.

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