Monday, December 15, 2008

report card day

areez and adik: having a great tym at PGH
taken by: didi

woke up quite early this morning. hubby was late 4 work - he thought today was sunday. sweet! shower, washed my hair, got ready, had breakfast.

went to the skool sumwhere in bangi. nothing much to write about. i had to sign the report card, listened to the tcher skolah kan areez sket2, asked the teacher how was areez at skool, with frens and teachers. evreything was OK and we went back.

he failed two subjects. maths and history. felt pity for him. life must be hard without a mother at home. he told me, back then his mother used to help him with his studies. "papa keje," he said. now that he has to look after his 8 years old lil brother after school and they spend half of the day at a nursery. mcmne nak blaja? btw, he is 13, and still under a daycare centre? wtf is that? my uncle would only pick them up at 5 or 6 something. kesian weh. i salute my uncle for being the mother and the father for both of them. he is dead strong. areez and adik are staying with us in nilai during the hols. they seem happy here. i just got them an mp3 player yesterday. so double the happiness. took them jalan2, ok laa.

i hope only the best for them. they are both bright but need guidance, along with more love and support. and kak long is here for you both!

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