Monday, December 15, 2008

mari kawen!

dah gile? kalau rase tak cukup bejimba, jgn gatal nak kawen. begini, some of my dearest frens keep on asking me how laa i hidop after da begelar isteri (buweekkk!!), can i cook?, can i wake up so fucking early to prepare breakfast and stuff, how i face my in-laws (nightmare to some of us, i tell u!), how i manage kerja2 rumah and the SEX! (and let's not go there, ok.)
i am considered lucky to have syamzahrin as my husband. makan tak memilih. important!important! because honestly i am not that good at cooking! i only cook things that he likes to eat plus some of my experimental meals yang kadang2 menjadik, kadang2 jadik cam makanan kucing! i watch and learn how my mom cooks lunch and dinner, i learn a lot from her, as well as my mother-in-law. kenape laa aku takde bakat yang melampau cam diorang. harr jay! neways, all in all kire tak kebulur laa kalo idop ngn aku. bleh laa sikit2..heee..
hmm..what else. my in laws.. so far, i dont have problems with them. i am very close to my brother-in-law. the girls are fine. fun to be with. we cook together if i go back to johor. (thank goodness that there are three of them. so, plus me, 4 girls all together. bayangkan kalo sume adik badik dia lelaki..tak mati aku kat dapo tekial2??) ayah and ibu are cool. my father-in-law is a funny guy, always tells jokes. ibu - very soft and lurus! anak2 dia selalu gula2 kan dia, and dia pecaye until we laugh at her ramai2. pssst! i am not 100% myself when i m in johor. seriously, 24 hours long pants and oversized t-shirt. ha!ha!ha! call me hypocrite. as for me, selagi aku kat dlm umah diorg, i live by their rules - wpun takde laa dia soh pakai cenggitu kan..but i know la how org tua pikir. btw, all of my sister-in-law pakai tudung. aku laa yang mencacat kan family portrait time raye aritu.huhu. neways, one tip from me, pandai2 la bawak diri mase kat umah mertua. mmg laa diorg soh bwat cam umah sniri, tapi jgn laa over. how stupid can u get kalo tido menyantak sampai pukul dua tghari? itu menempah maut namenye.
hmm.. as a wife, i do not always listen to my hubby. (neraka la jwbnye! jgn memain!) but, there is always a room for forgiveness. bile aku degil2, emo2, marah2, bentak2, at the end of the day, mintak ampun balik. hormon weh hormon! ha!ha!ha! love him for being soooo understanding (most of the time). kdg laha gak, tapi katenye laki kot!dengar je la.
last but not least, i am grateful that i am accepted for what i am. i am still learning and observing. i am grateful to have another wonderful family in my life. to SZ, thank u so much for everything. love u owes..

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miss nugget said...

haha..bagus budak didi nih..misti mentua sayang nih ..hehehe..