Sunday, December 28, 2008

cuti-cuti malaysia: KUALA LUMPUR

just arrived..

ready to go out

ha!ha!ha! bajet tourist!

today hubby bawak cuti2 malaysia tapi kat KL je. ahaha. we planned to go to Cameron, but i was not sure about it because it's been raining je 2,3 days ni. macam bahaye je. so we cancelled the plan. we lepak at Impiana KLCC - the best we could get since all hotel rooms are fully booked during ths festive season. btw,the room was nice. i liked it. first agenda, we walked to pavillion, 5 menet je. shopping2 sket. balik, had shower. makan - u guys should try impiana burger, terbaek! tgk tv. went out with my sister, makan lagi. balik. tido. heppy!

1 comment:

Ashare Alias said...

laaa.. laa cameron..

hak hak..

ape barang cuti2 di KL b.

rub it in!!!