Wednesday, February 4, 2009

take note! pt.2

huhu. i am super busy lately. i am the setter, moderator and also proofreader for final exam exam is somewhere in April but everything needs to be done before this friday. tengok lecturer2 lamo kat sini sume relax je, macam takde ape2 belaku. apakah ini? to me, seems like i need more than 24 hours a day. akukah yang stressed out bena? naseb tak banyak kelas this semester.

hopefully after this coming friday, i can relax a bit. i thank God 'cos i have my amour propre with me always and most of all, i hope everything goes smoothly as i planned.

frens and loved ones, i love you guys always. wish me luck! macam nak gi perang pulak. hehe. be back soon! chiao.

"horror, horror.." (yaya beh, 2009)

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