Friday, January 2, 2009

first day ke sekolah

report duty today. there was nothing much. miss T from HR showed me around, took picture for my new ID, and she showed me my room. cool.
the Dean and the Head of English Department invited me for lunch. i went. macam nervous tapi they were all super cool (tho i think the dean is a lil bit square.huhu). i didn't get the chance to know everybody in my department as everybody was on leave. wait, there was mr. T - a funny, kind and helpful old man. you know, grandpa kinda type. i like him! mr. T said it took him years to get the dean to invite him for lunch, but i got it on the first day of working here. ehehe.
i kinda like it here. everyone is so nice. and helpful. but i don't want to put my hope too high. mane la tau kan. next week i'll be meeting my students. positive!positive!positive!

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Ashare Alias said...

b. good luck.
break a leg b.