Sunday, January 4, 2009

yeayy! it felt like uni days again..

i spent an evening with awe, my bestfren at midvalley/garden today. i must say, i missed this girl so much. we talked, we made fun of people, we laughed like nobody's business, we had a gr8 time! some things might change, but some remain the same - just like me and awe - we are just the same when we are together again. crazy yet beautiful.

awek rumah tepi..

at My Toast

we both love books. borders.

at BR's.

b awe, thank u for everything. i miss u already b. =)


iera tya said...

rindu u both bitches!

butterdida said...

tya b: we should hang out someday!

pastel princess said...

b, x macam di pam2 pulak la kan pipi aku...hahahahaha...membesar sebagai johan b!!!