Friday, January 9, 2009


yeay! hubby is coming back from melaka today. he's been in melaka for 3 days already. then tomorrow he's off to terengganu until monday. but i am okey with it. tomorrow i have this mandatory training from 9 to 1. after that im off to kl. see my girls and do our thang! i'll be in nilai on sunday.

i met my IEP (intermediate) students this morning. they are like, from all over the world. heee. from cambodia, korea, china, vietnam, bangladash, africa... more to come this monday. can't wait to meet them. for this particular class, i guess i might not have any problem with them. they are very cooperative, well-behaved and they like to share stories with others. some of them picked up the language so fast and they can speak the language quite well. except sometimes i can't really understand what they are trying to say.. hehehe. i reaaaaaally have to like, look at their lips when they are talking. you know, the way they pronounce certain words. for example fifel (people), mubee (movie), seebis (sea beach?), and a lot more. poning gak. haha. but i had fun this morning. i learned a lot from them especially bout their country and traditions. nicey nicey.

this evening (after the dept meeting. bosan nye!), i'll be meeting my CIB students. most of them are local Chinese, one local Indian girl and three students from Africa. i only met one of the African students the other day, T, and mind you, he was born on the 28th of February. eheh. the seniors said that these 3 African students are very good at the language (but not at spelling, ya! they tend to spell words like were (where), leta (later) computa (computer), macam ejaan dalam academic writing ni.) and they might find English class is a bit boring for them as this is only low/basic English course. whatever it is, i can't say much about things. i'll go with the flow. like T said, "i take each day as it comes".. huhu.. positive!positive!positive!

i gotta go. meeting! and i'll be the one who 's taking the minutes, ok?

leta, fifel!

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